Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Statement

Integrity Testing Services is committed to safely managing the impacts of its activities on people, the environment, and property. We recognize the importance of commitment and participation of all workers, at all levels, in developing and practicing this health and safety plan. All workers are responsible to participate fully in this program. In conjunction with this plan, all levels of management and supervision will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment using legislation, industry standards and client guidelines.

No worker is required to work in unsafe conditions. Every worker is responsible to work safely in order to protect themselves and others. Every worker has the right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work. Adherence to these guidelines is a condition of employment for all employees and contractors of Integrity Testing Services.

Program Objectives

Identify risk and hazards:

- Evaluate hazards through Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

- Control hazards through safe work practices and procedures

- Comply with legislation, regulations, and appropriate industry standards

Additional elements that provide workers with tools to carry out the HSE Program:

- Defined responsibilities

- Education and training

- Communication internally and externally

- Documentation of Safe Work Practices, Safe Work Procedures, document control, and record keeping

- Monitoring and enhancement activities - reviews, audits, employee recommendations, inspections, investigations, corrective actions and other processes


Our company is committed to appropriately managing the environmental aspects of our activities and providing a safe and healthy work site for all workers. Each worker has significant personal responsibility for environmental management and safety on the job being undertaken.

All workers will adhere to the client's or contractor's HSE Programs when at the client's facilities or on a job site. If our company's program requirements are more stringent, then our program requirements will apply.

Management is responsible to:

- Assign competent workers for completing the mandatory elements of the HSE program

- Identify and obtain any special environment and safety equipment required to execute a project

- Validate competent workers to each project

- Determine and provide training or instruction required to validate competence

- Investigate all incidents and complete Incident Report

- Submit required reports to the safety department

- Include safety, health & environmental items on the agenda to Team Meetings with contractors and workers

- Commit to providing a safe and healthy work environment

Worker Responsibilities:

- Wholehearted cooperation with all aspects of the HSE Program

- Obey all rules and regulations (both company and legislative)

- Report incidents and near-misses

- Continually practicing health and safety while performing their duties